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Monologues & Scenes

Dramatic-Comedy Monologue (Grace Period - Ralphy)

Dramatic Scene (Radium Girls - Tom)

Comedy Scene (BOZO - Short Indie Film)

Comedy Scene (Teenage Musical)

Comedy Monologue (The Book Of Mormon - Elder)

Comedy Monologue (Yoga Fart - Amy)

Improv Comedy Scene (2 line)

Comedy Scene (Misfits - Ash S1)

Comedy Scene (Misfits - Ash S2)

Music Videos

Halloween Night (Original song)


More Than You Know (original song)

Diamonds (Riannah cover)

Part Of You World (Disney cover)

Under The Influence (Chris Brown cover)

I Will Survive (Gloria Gaynor cover)

Can You Feel The Love Tonight (Disney Cover)

Agony (Into The Woods cover)

Indie / Short films

TCG Puppets Halloween Spooktacular (2022)
[Comedy, Musical, Mystery]

TCG Puppets Halloween Spooktacular (Trailer)

Award Winning


TCG Puppets: Halloween Spooktacular won 2 Honorable Mention Awards for "Best Children's Short" and "Best Original Song" in various independent film festivals!

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